Asia Travel Deals (2009 – 2010)

After eight years in MG Holiday Bali, I felt it’s the time for a new venture. In 2009, the term “startup” was not popular yet in Indonesia. But actually, that was what we’re doing.

Asia Travel Deals was the brand under Paradise Property, and founded to be an online B2B travel agents. In short, the project was failed. Although we already made money from offline business by handling big groups and also FIT, we had to accepted that we could not make it.

At this point I start to get acquainted with the world of online booking. I learn about:

  • online booking environment
  • project management (from the agency that handling our web development)
  • how to create sitemap, flowchart and wireframe for our website
  • how to pay attention to details such as button color and size, zero typo content, and other tiny details (just like Steve Jobs did)

One year was short but I did not regret my decision to leave MG Holiday Bali and joined this failed startup. What I learned from this period is very valuable for my next career.