Big Bad Wolf Books 2017

Big Bad Wolf Books 2017

Last week I went to Big Bad Wolf (BBW), the largest book bazaar in Indonesia (organized by Big Bad Wolf Books from Malaysia). Learning from the experience of last year, now I did not buy many books. I still have not read all the books I bought last year. But still, I enjoy visiting BBW to see the booming of this book bazaar visitor. The expo opened 24 hours and I came at midnight avoiding queues.

Come to think of it, the fact that BBW attracts so many visitors contrast when compared with the low interest in reading in Indonesia. From UNESCO research in 2012, of 1000 Indonesian population only 1 who have an interest in reading. Central Connecticut State University’s research on “Most Literate Nation of the World 2016” placed Indonesia as the 60th most literate nation out of 61 nations on the list, above only Botswana.

What is the conclusion then? Those people who love reading are only those rich ones?

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