Channel Manager and Messy World of Hotel Distribution

Channel Manager and Messy World of Hotel Distribution

This is no-brainer, actually. I just feel I need to write it down. So, I’ve been thinking about how channel manager works. Channel manager is a tool to help Hotel manages their inventory. Instead of manage the extranet one by one, Hotel can do it at once by using channel manager.

But the concept is sometimes misunderstood.

It’s simple. In above example, Hotel only have 1 room left. They use channel manager who distribute or share that 1 room to their OTA partners. Does it mean there are five rooms available, 1 room for each OTA?

Definitely not.

Here’s applied rule of “first come first served”. Once a User book that room via OTA 1, the room is actually gone. User of OTA 2, OTA 3 and so on, cannot book the room because it is gone.

But sometimes shit happens. In one millisecond difference, User in OTA 1 and OTA 2 made a booking and sometimes both booking is confirmed, sometimes one booking is not confirmed.

It also means you cannot book five rooms by book 1 room via each OTA.

Because in reality, it is only 1 room available.

That’s why I call it: a messy world of hotel distribution.

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