Could You Strengthen Your Own Brand By Using Other Brand?

Could You Strengthen Your Own Brand By Using Other Brand?

I have a new favorite OTA to watch for. The design is very modern, sleek and very user-friendly. I book my flight with them few times. The booking process is seamless. I love it.

This morning I browse their hotels and found out that they put another OTA logo in most of their hotel inventory.

I just like….


I got information that they do this to strengthen their brand. They want to gain the trust from Visitor.

But, why?

Won’t it be backfired?

Let’s call the OTA I’m talking about is “The Site”. And the company that has the logo displayed is “The A-Site”.

If I see the logo of other company on “The Site”, I know that they use that company as their Supplier. It’s okay. Everybody’s doing it because it’s hard to do direct contracting for newcomers. The so-called biggest OTA in Indonesia also did that the first months they launched.

Then I will start to questioning, what’s the difference between I book via “The Site” and book via “The A-Site”. Anyhow, I am a customer of “The A-Site” too.

It will work for customers who don’t have a credit card, so they still stick to continue the purchase of “The Site” who provide payment by ATM and debit card. But in this case, it’s just a matter of easier payment method. It doesn’t mean that customers trust “The Site” more than “The A-Site”. The trust could be equal for both.

So my question remains: is it worth it?

Could you strengthen your brand using another brand in your campaign or embed it in your product?

Will it be good for you, or will customer start to think you’re no different with your competitor, and they turn back to your competitor because of they also its loyal customer?

It will be very interesting to watch.

(PS: After finished writing this post, I visited their site again and… it’s gone. The logo of “The A-Site” is gone. Will it come back again? I hope not. “The Site” is strong enough to become one of the greatest OTA here in Indonesia, without “hitchhiking” other brands. But maybe my prediction is wrong. We’ll see.)

Updated 29/6/17: Maybe the logo of “The A-Site” disappear because they don’t want their brand used by “The Site”. Just guessing.

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