Explore Group Booking Using Agoda

Explore Group Booking Using Agoda

Yesterday I did a small research about group booking using Booking.com. Today I would like to explore how Agoda search works. As I mentioned earlier, search box of Agoda is visually beautiful. Modern, minimalist. It has “refine search” feature so the user is able to define such filters from the beginning of their search.

Agoda search box refine search
1 – Agoda search box refine search feature

Let’s start the search. I will use same parameters as what I did with Booking.com.

Agoda search box drop-down
2 – Agoda search box drop-down

Unlike Booking.com who use a drop-down, Agoda use + and – sign. Means, to search for 1 Room 30 Adults, I must click + sign for 28 times (default of adults = 2). Nothing’s perfect, right. You got beautiful design but you must compromise other things.

Here’s the search result.

Agoda search result
3 – Agoda search result
Agoda search result
4 – Agoda search result
Agoda search result
5 – Agoda search result

I saw the main differences between Agoda and Booking.com in displaying the search result:

  • Agoda display rate as “nightly rates as low as” while Booking.com display total price of booking
  • Agoda doesn’t display room options like Booking.com does by showing the combination of the room that guest must book.

Agoda’s display looks simple but I am clueless about what room type that I will get. Or maybe it’s the way Agoda’s saying: “don’t bother much, just believe in us and click next to find out the details, will you?”

Randomly, I chose few hotels to compare and here’s what I got when I saw the hotel’s profile page.

Agoda recommendation on hotel profile page
6 – Agoda recommendation on hotel profile page
Agoda recommendation on hotel profile page
7 – Agoda recommendation on hotel profile page
Agoda recommendation on hotel profile page
8 – Agoda recommendation on hotel profile page

Same as Booking.com, Agoda gives a recommendation about what room type I should book to accommodate 30 adults. Agoda’s recommendation looks simple. From three sample above, all recommendations suggest booking the same room type. It’s not like what Booking.com does (see my previous article about Booking.com).

Apparently, that’s what Agoda does in general. We cannot make a booking with more than 1 room type. That’s why Agoda cannot give recommendation like Booking.com does. Instead, Agoda simply offers same room type for one booking.

In one side, it looks simple and easier for guest to book. In another side, Agoda may lose potential booking.

What if I ignore the recommendation and choose another room type instead?

Agoda price display in hotel profile page
9 – Agoda price display with a reminder in hotel profile page

Agoda gave notification that “Current room selection is not enough to accommodate your group of 30 adults”. That’s very kind. Of course, I can ignore the reminder and still can continue to make the booking as shown in the image below.

Agoda booking details
10 – Agoda booking details

Agoda made it simple when I search for 1 room 30 adults. I got a recommendation which can accommodate my needs and simply can proceed to book.

Then one question arose. What if I change the parameter to 2 room 30 adults?

When I search for 1 room 30 adults gave me 489 properties available. However, when I search for 2 room 30 adults, I only got 2 hotels available.

Where it went wrong? I thought I will get the same result since both searches are for 30 adults. Apparently, Agoda’s algorithm thinks differently.

Let’s take a look further. When I search for 1 room 30 adults, I ended up book 8 rooms x 2-bedroom suite (image 8).

Why when I search for 2 room 30 adults, I couldn’t get the same result?

I compare with Booking.com again. Whether I search for 1 room 30 adults either 2 room 30 adults, I got the same result.

I realize that search engine of each OTA has its own algorithm. What I do now with exploring their search, can give me a better understanding of many kinds of search engine algorithm. Which one is the best? There’s no simple answer for it.

In the next article, I will write my findings when I explore Traveloka’s search. Stay tuned!


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