Explore Group Booking Using Traveloka

Explore Group Booking Using Traveloka

Now it’s time to explore Traveloka’s search, after finding out how to make group booking via Booking.com and Agoda. Apologize for my slight mistake on the previous article about search box of Traveloka; apparently, Traveloka has the new design of search box which is stronger and simple. (However, there’s an option if you would like to switch to the old design.)

Traveloka search box design
1 – Traveloka new design of search box

I search using the same parameter like what I did with Booking.com and Agoda: 1 room 30 adults. After I click search, here’s the result.

Search result of Traveloka group booking
2 – Search result of Traveloka group booking

Yes. The result is none. I tried few other dates, but the result remains the same.

It looks like Traveloka takes the easiest way: take it or leave it. Traveloka doesn’t bother to play along and give suggestion to the user. So, your search is for “1 room 30 adults” and there’s no such thing as “1 room 30 adults” so yeah, you’re not lucky at this time. Kind of.

Is it good, is it bad? I guess it’s up to their choice. I believe how they design search algorithm and others depend on their target market behavior and other things.

So, here’s the summary based on my experiment to book 1 room for 30 adults via Booking.com, Agoda, and Traveloka:

  • Booking.com gives more option by combining more than 1 room type for 1 booking (in one side, it’s good while in another side, it’s complicated).
  • Agoda gives simple suggestion to accommodate my request by allowing only 1 room type in 1 booking (again, it could be good either bad thing). Strange things happened though when I change the search parameter which I expect will give the same result, but it’s not.
  • Traveloka didn’t play along, it simply gives┬ázero search result.

I would like to present again the table of search box fields as below.

Site Max Room Max Adult Max Children
Booking.com 30 30 10
Agoda 9 36 9
Traveloka 8 30*  N/A

From the max number of room, I thought I couldn’t make group booking more than 9 room in Agoda. But in fact, I can! While for Traveloka, it is what it is.

Please do remember that I did this comparison just for fun and for the sake of curiosity only. Just in case you find that what I did was less accurate, please enlighten me.

While I do the experiment, one topic arose in my mind: what about booking for a family? E.g. for 2 adults + 1 child? As we see, Traveloka didn’t differentiate adult and children. That’s should be an interesting topic to explore. See you tomorrow!

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