Finding The Right Message

Finding The Right Message

Yesterday I discussed with my friend about how online travel agents (OTAs) present their products. My friend who doesn’t have travel industry background commented about the message such as “2 people booked this hotel in last 2 hours”, “32 people booked this hotel in 24 hours”, etc.

“It is useless,” he said. “It means nothing for me. If I choose a hotel for my stay, I don’t care about how many people had booked in last hours or even in last month.”

I said it is for the sake of urgency. And maybe it is not for everybody, but some people feel triggered when they see a message like that.

And then I remember a movie starred by Will Smith. “Focus” (2015) tells a story about con-man who expert in planted ideas in someone’s mind (= his target).

Nicky the con-man “programmed” Tse, his target, to pick a certain number. The view, the music, the scene along the way, every moment┬ásince Tse arrived, planted an idea into his subconscious. And when Tse needs to pick a number, his subconscious come up to the surface cause Tse to pick what Nicky wants.

Maybe that is what happening also with the website. OTAs planted any ideas to us since we visit the site and during the browsing, and when it comes to decision moment, we choose a hotel┬ábecause our subconscious told us: “Hey, this is a great hotel since many people booked it! Let’s book this before it’s too late!”. Something like that.

Something like that.

The question is: what is the right message to deliver, and which one is the unnecessary and only make our site’s cluttered?


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