Search Box is The Start of Customer’s Journey

Search Box is The Start of Customer’s Journey

Search Box is the most important part for OTA website. It is the start of Customer’s journey. However, the journey could be ended before it’s begun whenever OTA failed to present engaging search box, visually attractive, and most of all: user-friendly and match with customer’s behavior.

I’ll take examples from, Agoda and Traveloka. search box search box search box consists of:

  • Simply display how many nights stay based on selected check-in and check-out date
  • Total Adult: Max 30 Adult
  • Total Children: Max 10 Children
  • Total Room: Max 30 Room
  • Optional check-box whether Guest is travelling for work or not
Agoda search box
Agoda search box

Agoda search box consists of:

  • No display of how many nights stay
  • Simply display number of adults, children and room in one box (it will show a drop drown when Guest want to change the value)
  • Total Adult: Max 36 Adult
  • Total Children: Max 9 Children
  • Total Room: Max 9 Room
  • Option to “Refine your search”

When we click “Refine your search”, it expands showing as below.

Agoda search box refine search
Agoda search box refine search

Expanding refine search provide option to add filter as: price per night, guest rating and star rating. That’s nice!

Third sample I took from Traveloka.

Traveloka search box
Traveloka search box

Traveloka search box consists of:

  • Total Guest: Max 30 (they don’t differentiate between Adult and Children)
  • Total Room: Max 8
  • Instead of selected check-in and check-out date, Guest must select check-in and duration of stay (how many night stay)
  • Visually it looks cluttered with the column list of Traveloka products aside (Flight, Train, Flight+Hotel etc.)

Personally, I love Agoda search box design but for the function, I love search box. Agoda search box looks modern. It minimize the looks of the homepage so Visitor’s attention solely for search box and not distracted by anything else.

Tomorrow I will compare how those search boxes are functioning. Which one does offer better assistance to get (almost) perfect search result?

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