Introduce Myself….

Here’s the site of my world. You can read my journey and go through more detail by open the pages one by one. Apart from that, here’s the story of me.

My name is Suzana Widiastuti. I was born and raised in Semarang, the capital city of Central Java and one of the culinary paradise in Indonesia.

After finished my high school, I studied in University of Gadjah Mada (UGM) in Yogyakarta. I really enjoyed my time and my days in this old city. I took Computer Science and it contributed much to shape my way of thinking. But I was more active in my chess career instead.

Frankly speaking, I did not finished my study but then I started again at Stikubank Tourism Academy in Semarang (and I finished it as the best graduate). Along with my hobby to travel, apparently I found my new world and I love it. I became a freelance licensed English speaking tourist guide, started my career by joining MG Holiday, and the rest is history.


There’s still a lot of things I need to chase, but until today here are seven things I consider as my best achievement in life:

  1. National Women Chess Champion in 1992
  2. Chief of Chess League in University of Gadjah Mada (1995 – 1996)
  3. Came to Bali in 2003 alone, knew nobody and nothing about Bali, but then successfully built my network
  4. Published a novel collaborated with my friends, title “Puing” (2005) and Bondan Winarno was the editor
  5. Published an article about a case of Hotel check-in problem that scored 11,000 views in one day (written in Bahasa Indonesia only)
  6. Design and lead the team to build a B2B booking engine of TMS Bali that still works until now
  7. The latest, I contribute a lot in a project with one client covering: translation from English to Bahasa Indonesia, managing CMS, provide documents needed by client, prepare hotel deals, doing final test to ensure everything’s displayed correctly in front-end site.


And here’s some of my favorite books. Care to swapping books or enlighten me with your favorite? Message me!