MG Holiday (2001 – 2009)

This was my first step entering the career world. Still a student of Stikubank Tourism Academy, I applied and was hired by MG Holiday in Semarang. From 2001 until 2003, I was handling reservation and also maintain relationship with retailer travel agents in Semarang.

In 2003, I was relocated to newly opened MG Holiday Bali. That was such a milestone for me. Bali is the number one tourist destination in Indonesia and I learn a lot about tourism day by day.

Here’s what I memorize about the first period of my career:

  • I learn how to open a business from the scratch. I was nobody, I knew nobody and our brand was still a new for Bali hospitality world.
  • I learn about the strategy how to enter new market and make your brand strong in no time. Of course, it was our head office’s tactic and strategy, but I was lucky to contribute in developing MG Holiday as a brand especially in Bali.
  • We held the first MG Table Top in 2005. Invited more than 100 travel agent from around Indonesia to enjoy Bali for free for three days two nights, and also to attend the table top with 40 Bali Hotels as sellers.
  • It is how we treat people that makes us to be remembered. Once Pak Raymond, the founder of MG Holiday, said,”Do not judge a person from his/her current position. An admin sales today could later become DOS or GM.” Treat people equally. Sometimes it’s not all about business. Sometimes we just want to chit chat as friends, but from those time we spent together, the bond was built.
  • In 2004, MG introduced its online booking system that made MG Holiday as a pioneer for local player in online world. I quickly learn about the system, train hotel partners about our extranet to maximize online booking with instant confirmation instead of manual booking.

When I came to Bali in 2003, I came alone. When I left MG Holiday Bali in 2009, it has more than 30 employees in domestic and inbound division. This period became the most decisive period for my career.