My Career, My Journey


This is my journey in the business world. I gain abundant¬†experience and knowledge that enable me to be who I am today. I am still a learner, try to catch up with the exotism of tourism industry in this digital era. Always be a hungry fool, that’s who I am.


2015 – 2018

Back to the old world of mine as Market Manager, I do contracting with Indonesia hotels. GoQuo provide platform that enable Hotel to connect to multiple airlines. Our platform able to create product as dynamic package (hotel bundling with flight ticket). Established since 2002 with headquarter in Kuala Lumpur, it is no surprise that GoQuo has many to offer especially from technology side. more stories here

2013 – 2015

First I joined TMS Tours & Travel to built new foundation for their online booking business. Then I transferred to Tjendana Corporate (holding company of TMS Tours), acting as Project / Product Manager in IT Department. Together with our small team, we built our own booking engine and B2B website for TMS Tours. We also built extranet for their hotel partners. In 2014, we launched our first release and now still continue to develop more features for next version. more stories here

2013 – 2013

Back to MG Holiday as Market Manager, I was responsible to maintain live inventory of 600 hotel partners. At that time MG Holiday was in transition mode from old booking engine to the new one from 11-Infotech. I also lead my team to provide complete information about hotels to be displayed at our B2B Website, as well as sellable price and promotions. more stories here

2011 – 2013

Joining brought me to the next level in term of knowledge and experience. First I joined as Head of Hotel Division in Bali but then moved to Jakarta as Head of Special Project. I was designed as Project Manager, lead collaboration between IT, Business Development, Marketing and Operation Team. Our B2C Website was launched in June 2012, then I transferred to Operation Department and in the end of my career I lead team of Operation, Sales & Marketing. more stories here

2010 – 2011

Carefree Bali Holidays gave me insight about how to run business while facing challenge between conventional, traditional style of travel agent with modern, rapid and online based travel agent. During short time, we succeed to get corporate clients and handle many groups starts from small into group with hundreds of pax. more stories here

2009 – 2010

After 8 years joining MG Holiday, I decided to accept an offer from Asia Travel Deals, a start-up company based in Bali. I did not regret that decision. Though our project was not launched in the end due to financial constraint, I gained lots of knowledge about online booking engine and web development. more stories here

2001 – 2009

I joined MG Holiday Semarang which just opened in 2001 and it was only three of us to run the operation. I started as Reservation Supervisor and built my ability to deal with hotel partners. I also worked as freelance licensed English tour guide. Two years later, I was assigned to open MG Holiday Bali. I came to Bali alone, started from zero with null networking. I was proud that when I left MG Holiday Bali in 2009, we already had more than 30 employee and became one of the strongest travel agents in Bali and Indonesia. more stories here