TMS Tour Bali / Tjendana Corporate (2013 – 2015)

I got an offer from TMS Tour Bali to develop their online business. TMS Tour Bali is one of the top travel agent specialized in China & Taiwan Market. My challenge is to prepare the foundation of their online booking. After comparing many system including the existing one, we decided to build it by ourselves.

We have small team of IT in house. With the resources that we have, it was a huge satisfaction that we were finally made it after six month development.

Then I transferred to the owning company (Tjendana Corporate) and was assigned to manage project like corporate website, H & R system, revenue management etc. Our team focus was still TMS B2B booking engine.

I learn by doing about project management and web development. How to maximize the result with the minimum resources. How to decide which platform we should use. How to accommodate what User needs without sacrifice the timeline. How to conquer team member ego and always move together in one direction.